Maintaining Oral Hygiene while Wearing Braces

Maintaining Oral Hygiene while Wearing BracesBraces are an extremely effective orthodontic treatment. However, good oral hygiene is critical during treatment with braces. A lack of appropriate hygiene can lead to serious dental health problems. Our dentist in Torrance explains how you can avoid bad breath, periodontitis, decalcification and cavities during orthodontic treatment.


You need to brush after every meal. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush carefully around all your brackets and wires for about three minutes. Electric toothbrushes are extremely efficient, but they can damage the brackets and even knocking them loose, which means that if you choose against using a manual brush, you will need to take additional precautions. Replace your brush or brush head every three months.


Use fluoride toothpaste in a flavor you prefer. A fluoridated mouthwash can also be beneficial for rebuilding and protecting your teeth during treatment.

Dental Floss

Flossing during orthodontic treatment can be extremely difficult without the right tools. Use a floss threader, a large, nylon needle-like tool, to get above the wires and clean along the gumline. Orthodontic flossers are also available that can simplify the process. If you have gaps, you may need to use interdental brushes.

Dental Checkups

Even when you are visiting your orthodontist regularly, you still need regular dental checkups. A 3-month cleaning schedule may be recommended to reduce your risk of complications and keep your teeth clean and healthy.

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