Metal Free Dental Restorations

More patients are choosing metal-free dental restorations for healthier, more attractive solutions to dental problems. Our dentist in Torrance CA offers a variety of metal-free restorations. Here is more about the options patients have for restorative treatments without metal.

White Fillings

Also called composite fillings, white fillings have become a popular alternative to mercury amalgam fillings. Requiring only a fast, painless procedure, white fillings cover fillings without negatively affecting the patient's smile. As with dental bonding, placement of white fillings involves application followed by hardening with a special light. Besides matching the natural color of teeth, white fillings also enhance their strength.

Porcelain Crowns
Teeth damaged by decay, physical trauma or long-term repeated repairs can benefit from porcelain crowns. In addition to strengthening teeth, porcelain crowns also reduce the risk of needing tooth extraction in the future. Patients who get porcelain crowns can return to a normal lifestyle after treatment and enjoy better oral health overall.

Other Options
A variety of other metal-free restorative options, including porcelain inlays and onlays and dental bridges, are also available to our patients. Inlays and onlays can be placed directly into teeth after decay has been cleared, acting as precisely fitting porcelain fillings. Porcelain dental bridges of different types are made in the laboratory according to our dentist's instructions and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of patients.

Metal-free dental restoration addresses both functional and aesthetic aspects of teeth. With growing concerns over metal fillings and other treatments, metal-free options are quickly gaining popularity. Patients appreciate these procedures for their ability to correct oral health problems while preserving a white, attractive smile.

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