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Periodontal disease, also called gum disease, affects the tissue and bone around the teeth. Long-term growth of bacteria on dental plaque can cause periodontal disease, which can destroy the gums, result in tooth loss and possibly contribute to systemic health conditions if left untreated. Below is a deeper look at periodontal disease and its risk factors and symptoms from our expert in periodontal treatments in Torrance.

According to our Torrance periodontal treatments expert, periodontal disease is not usually spotted in patients younger than 30 or 40 years old. However, a milder form of gum disease, gingivitis, is common in all age groups. Unfortunately, 80 percent of people with periodontal disease do not know they have it. Besides being the top cause of tooth loss, periodontal disease is linked with heart disease and other systemic health conditions, such as diabetes, stroke and bacterial pneumonia.

Torrance Periodontal Treatments

Because long-term accumulation of plaque increases risk of periodontal disease, patients can reduce their risk by brushing and flossing on a daily basis. Smokers have a higher risk of periodontal disease and can cut their risk by quitting. A healthy diet supports a strong immune system, reducing the risk of gum disease as a result. Patients can combat plaque by brushing immediately after eating starchy or sweet foods. Our expert in periodontal treatments in Torrance says that plaque can also be reduced by snacking less often and avoiding food entirely before bedtime.

Periodontal disease can cause a wide range of symptoms in patients. By the time a patient's gums become red and puffy and start bleeding, periodontal disease has already progressed significantly. Later, the gums may recede and expose the roots of teeth to decay. Teeth become loose as they are no longer anchored to the jaw bone. If infection is severe, pus may appear around the teeth. Chewing may become painful, and bad breath may be apparent. Finally, teeth may move apart as periodontal disease causes bone loss in the jaw. Patients can avoid the most severe symptoms of periodontal disease by visiting our Torrance periodontal treatments expert for regular check-ups and early treatment if necessary.

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