Prevalence of Gum Disease in US

A recent survey performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed that about half of U.S. adults over the age of 30 have some type of gum disease. In concluding their findings, the study's researchers noted that periodontal disease is a major health issue among Americans. The study showed various rates of gum disease between different groups.

The CDC's analysis showed that 47.2 percent of Americans, totaling 64.7 million people, have gum disease that could be characterized as mild, moderate or severe. In adults who are 65 or older, the rate of gum disease rises to 70.1 percent. Men and women had rates of 56.4 and 38.4, respectively. Mexican Americans and smokers both had higher rates compared to the rest of the population.

According to our expert in periodontal treatments in Torrance, these figures highlight the importance of regular dental exams for preventing gum disease. Unfortunately, many patients suffer from periodontal disease for years without knowing that they have it. To combat the higher rates among older Americans, individuals in this age group should seek regular screenings to catch gum disease early.

After diabetes and cardiovascular disease, gum disease is among the most common non-communicable chronic health problems among Americans. This recent study shows that gum disease is much more prevalent than anyone had previously thought. Fortunately, periodontal disease can often be prevented with a healthy oral regimen that includes regular check-ups from a dentist in Torrance. If gum disease is already present, dentists can often treat it successfully.

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