Preventing Injuries to the Face

Preventing Injuries to the FaceUnfortunately, facial injuries occur on a daily basis. Whether a construction worker falls at a worksite, a Little League player gets hit by an errant ball, or a motorist is involved in an auto collision, facial injuries are all too common. When an individual suffers a severe facial injury, it can have a traumatic effect on their ability to consume food, drink water, form words, or sometimes breathe. Since these basic human functions are highly at risk, it is always recommended that a person who suffers a facial injury receives medical help from a dentist or oral surgeon immediately.

Our expert in dental emergency in Torrance strongly encourages all patients to utilize the necessary equipment and safety precautions necessary to prevent facial injuries. For each team or individual sport, it is important for players of all ages to wear a mouth guard specific to that sport to prevent injuries to the mouth. Similarly, workplaces can reduce injuries by encouraging the correct safety regulations and installing protective equipment for employees.

If you have already suffered an injury to your face, mouth, or jaw, schedule a consultation with our dentist in Torrance CA as soon as possible. If you are experiencing issues due to a past facial injury that was left untreated, our dentist can also devise a treatment plan. Depending on the situation, our dentist will consider dental implants, crowns, or veneers to help fix the injury for functional and aesthetic reasons.

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