Root Canal Therapy and What You Should Know about

Root Canal Therapy and What You Should Know about ItWhen teeth are placed at risk of extraction by physical trauma or untreated decay, patients may receive recommendations for root canal therapy from our Torrance dentist. By removing the infected pulp inside the tooth, placing barriers and capping the tooth, our dentist stops pain and prevents long-term complications.

Signs That Root Canal May Be Necessary

A variety of symptoms may indicate infection depending on severity. Swelling, redness and discomfort around the infected tooth are common. As infection progresses, patients may suffer intense pain, tooth sensitivity to hot and cold foods and development of an abscess on the gums.

How Root Canal Is Performed

Root canal begins with an X-ray to determine the location of the infection. Using the X-ray image for reference, our endodontist drills into the tooth and removes the infection before refilling the space with medicated material. Finally, our endodontist places a series of barriers for protection and may cap the tooth to support appearance and help guard against future infection.

In addition to stopping the pain of infection and letting patients avoid complications of tooth loss, such as jaw bone loss, gum disease and tooth decay, root canal can save patients money by eliminating the need for tooth replacements. A consultation with our expert in root canal therapy in Torrance can be scheduled to learn more about this treatment and the benefits it offers.

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