Smoking and Your Oral Health

Everybody already knows that smoking increases the risk of lung cancer and coronary heart disease. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the damaging effects that smoking can have on teeth and gums. In fact, the consequences of smoking for oral health extend far beyond having a breath that smells like an ashtray. Here is more about how smoking can impact your dental health.

The oral health effects of smoking cigarettes are significant for users. In terms of appearance, smoking can stain the teeth and discolor the tongue. When cosmetic procedures are necessary, smoking can reduce the effectiveness of treatment. Patients who smoke often experience loss of taste and smell, resulting in less enjoyment of food and a stronger preference for junk foods that feed tooth decay. Smokers have a higher risk of periodontal disease, which makes them more vulnerable to tooth loss. Because smoking interferes with healing, patients who smoke experience longer healing time and a higher risk of complications after oral surgery. Finally, smoking is a risk factor for oral cancer.

Patients who quit smoking immediately reduce their risks of suffering the oral health problems listed here. Because tobacco is strongly addictive, patients who want to quit smoking are likely to encounter difficulties along the way. However, patients can improve their chances of succeeding by seeking a support network to bolster their determination to stop for good. Our dentist in Torrance CA is happy to help patients stop smoking and reclaim better oral health.

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