Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease, also called gum disease, is characterized by chronic inflammation of the gums and other tissues around the teeth. Symptoms include bad breath, loose teeth and gums that are swollen, red and receded. With prompt treatment from our dentist in Torrance, patients with periodontal disease may be able to avoid tooth loss and other complications.

Prevention of Periodontal Disease

According to our expert in periodontal treatments in Torrance, everybody should brush twice per day, floss at least once per day and visit the dentist regularly. Eating a healthy diet is also important for avoiding gum disease. Finally, patients should avoid smoking as it has been associated with gum disease.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

If you are diagnosed with periodontal disease, your dentist will probably treat you with scaling and root planing. This treatment involves the removal of tartar and plaque from below and above the gum line. The dentist first scales, or scrapes, the teeth. Next, the root surfaces are smoothed during the process of planing. Teeth are re-evaluated during later visits, and if necessary, surgery is recommended.

Links between Your Gums and Your Heart

Recent studies have identified links between gum disease and risks of heart disease. As of 2012, the AHA states that the links between periodontal disease and heart disease are unproven. However, many doctors still recommend that patients with periodontal disease who are at risk of heart disease should be checked for both problems to stay safe.


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