What You Should Know about Wisdom Teeth

What You Should Know about Wisdom TeethWisdom teeth are remnants from ancient humanity that cause problems for many patients. Although wisdom teeth may seem useless and inconvenient, they once served an important role in health. When wisdom teeth appeared at the end of adolescence, they served to support the teeth of early humans who were nearing later life. Today, humans live longer and eat softer foods, making wisdom teeth unnecessary. Smaller jaw size in most modern people also makes it important to have wisdom teeth extracted by our dentist in Torrance for the majority of patients.

Pain from Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth often hurt when they erupt because they have to break through the mature, hardened jaws. However, the pain does not necessarily stop there. Most patients have too little space in their mouth to accommodate wisdom teeth, resulting in painful shifting of other teeth. Wisdom teeth are also difficult to clean, promoting risks of tooth decay and gum disease that can become extremely painful. Research has found that only about 5 to 10 percent of people avoid problems when their wisdom teeth emerge.

Left alone, wisdom teeth can cause permanent bite irregularities, as well as more acute problems. This means that as soon as wisdom teeth show signs of eruption, patients should schedule a consultation with our expert in wisdom teeth extraction in Torrance. Extraction of wisdom teeth is performed under anesthesia that prevents patients from feeling pain during the procedure. A short appointment to eliminate these bothersome and potentially dangerous teeth can save patients from not only severe pain, but potentially life-threatening infections, as well.


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