Meet Dr. Frank Joseph Burrell, Jr.

Dental Sleep Medicine

Born and raised in Napa, Calif., Dr. Frank Joseph Burrell, Jr. attended local schools before attending and graduating from U.C. Davis, where he studied biological sciences. After graduating in 1971, he attended the University Of California Los Angeles School Of Dentistry, and he earned his DDS in 1975. After several years of practicing on his own in Napa, he moved to Southern California and became an associated doctor and later a partner in an orthodontic practice. He has since been working solo and in group practices in the Orange County area.

Dr. Burrell continued his advanced education, and in 2007, he began to study Dental Sleep Medicine. This has enabled him to provide improved care for patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea and excessive snoring or who have CPAP intolerance. He has been dedicated to providing Dental Sleep Medicine ever since.

Sleep apnea and other sleep-related breathing conditions can cause excessive daytime sleepiness and an increased risk of accidents and health problems, but they often go undiagnosed and untreated. Dental Sleep Medicine dentists work closely with sleep physicians and other professionals to treat sleep disorders and help patients achieve a better night’s sleep.

Dental Sleep Medicine is a rapidly growing field of dental practice, and Dr. Burrell remains on the leading edge of the field by continuing his education and focusing on the latest modalities and technologies available. He incorporates state-of-the-art equipment and procedures into his treatments, including the I-CAT Cone Beam CT scan, the Eccovision Acoustic Pharyngometer/Rhinometer and the Airway Metrics system.


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