Pediatric Dentistry and Your Child's First Visit

Jul 27 • 2 minute read

When and Why Should Your Child See a Pediatric Dentist


To ensure your child’s smile receives appropriate care and treatment, taking them to visit a pediatric dentist can be the best option. This specialist has dedicated time to receive the additional training necessary to treat the unique oral health needs of children. Whether your child is just an infant with their first teeth emerging to at 18 years of age ready to move on to a general family dentist, pediatric dentists commit their specialty to caring for your child’s smile. At Total Family Dental Group, our pediatric dentist, Dr. Rapisura, provides dental care catered to children’s oral health needs. 


The Importance of a Pediatric Dentist 


Early visits allow pediatric dentists to suggest and implement preventive measures for your child. When adopted in childhood, these recommendations are especially effective in preventing cavities, promoting a healthy oral environment right when the first tooth emerges. In order to understand the appropriate care for your child our resident pediatric dentist, Dr. Rapisura, has undergone two additional years of training beyond dental school. This specialized instruction qualifies her to effective handle the special aspects of children’s dentistry, including the management of children’s developing teeth and child behavior. Pediatric dentists assist in monitoring your child’s oral health development, and can advise on any needed procedures such as orthodontics, and works in tandem with your general dentist or orthodontist to prevent any long lasting issues. 


What to Expect from Your Child’s First Visit


The first visit to a pediatric dental office should allow both you and your child to get to know and to form a comfortable relationship with the dentist. During this visit, you can ask essential questions, touching on a range of subjects about caring for your child’s oral health, from the proper use of fluoride and handling thumb sucking habits to the overall health and development of your child’s smile. 
During this time, the dentist can perform a lap exam, allowing both you and your dentist to clearly see your child’s mouth. This is helpful is establishing a comfortable experience as you are part of your child’s first exam. During this exam, the pediatric dentist can provide a demonstration on how to properly clean your child’s teeth as well as tell you what to expect as your child’s smile grows. If there are any findings, such as stained teeth or evidence that your child may have a higher than average risk of developing cavities, additional treatment, including fluoride, may be recommended. 

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