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Snore TherapyChronic snoring can be disruptive to both your and your partner’s sleep. Our Torrance snore therapy expert can help identify the cause of your snoring and identify the best treatment plan for your needs.

Most people snore from time to time. Getting to the bottom of chronic snoring can help you and your partner sleep more quietly and more deeply. Snoring often occurs due to excess tissue in the throat and nose. This tissue can block the airway, or it can vibrate as you breathe at night. However, with the right treatments from our expert in snore therapy in Torrance, you can have your snoring under control faster than you ever imagined.

Our Torrance snore therapy expert will begin with a comprehensive evaluation to identify the primary cause of your snoring, which will provide us with valuable insight on the best treatments for you. Our expert in snore therapy in Torrance will explore your options with you and provide you with the care you need to improve your sleep. A better night’s sleep can help you feel more energetic during the day, reduce headaches, boost your mood and improve your heart health.

Snore Therapy Torrance

Lifestyle changes can often be extremely effective in conquering snoring. If you smoke, are overweight or obese, drink excessively or use certain over-the-counter or prescription medications, you may be more prone to snoring. A healthy diet combined with exercise can be great ways to better manage your weight. Quitting smoking and limiting your alcohol intake can also be beneficial. In some cases, our expert in snore therapy in Torrance may recommend that you talk to your doctor about alternatives to any sedatives or tranquilizers that could be triggering snoring.

Dental appliances are also available. These mouth guards are a comfortable, non-invasive alternative that can keep your jaw properly positioned so that you can breathe easier. CPAP machines may also be an option. This type of machine maintains a positive airflow to keep airways open. We may also recommend surgery if lifestyle changes and conservative treatments are unsuccessful. Surgery can be used to remove excess tissue, keep the tongue in its proper position and eliminate snoring.

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