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Preventative dental care focuses on protecting a patient's smile from damage. However, inconsistency in at home oral hygiene, routine wear, and accidental trauma can leave teeth vulnerable to lasting damage caused by bacteria. At Total Family Dental Group, our endodontic specialist Dr. Samar Hubbi focuses on providing patients with the specialized care necessary for improving dental health and function without sacrificing the aesthetics of your smile.

When is Endodontic Care Necessary?

While dental enamel is fairly resilient, accidental damage can eat away at enamel. In certain cases, bacteria can enter the delicate inner chamber of teeth, infecting pulp tissue. Without proactive treatment, the patient can face more serious dental issues, including tooth sensitivity and abscess. At this point of the condition, extensive treatment is needed in order to save the tooth to prevent further spread of the infection to neighboring teeth.

At Total Family Dental Group, our endodontist offers root canal therapy, a conservative solution that prevents the need for extraction, and allows for normal oral function. 

Endodontic Treatment

Also known as root canal therapy, endodontic treatment focuses on saving infected teeth and preventing the need for extraction. During root canal therapy, a small access hole is made behind the infected tooth. Using specialized instruments, Dr. Subbi carefully removes the infected pulp tissue from within the tooth, cleaning and disinfecting the inner pulp chamber. Once the infection has been thoroughly removed, the chamber is filled with a biocompatible material to prevent reinfection during the recovery process. 

Root canals are known to be painful, however necessary when it comes to decayed pulp within the tooth. Our endodontist has specialized training beyond dental school specifically to treat infected teeth and is passionate about providing comfortable care to patients. 
Root canal treatment is highly successful, if patients are proactive in visiting your specialists, some signs and symptoms of possible root canal therapy include:

- An abscess on the gums
- Severe toothache pain
- Swelling and tenderness

However, there may be no signs or symptoms that are directly associated with infected dental pulp. It’s important to visit Total Family Dental Group to have a full examination of your smile.

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Endodontic treatments at Total Family Dental Group typically take two visits to our root canal specialist. For more information about our endodontic services, and about our restorations, contact our office today.

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