How Zoom Whitening Works

How Zoom Whitening WorksA bright smile can give you the confidence to take on the world. If your smile is stained by coffee, wine, energy drinks, nicotine or other common substances, our cosmetic dentist in Torrance can help. Zoom whitening is a revolutionary professional tooth whitening system that has helped more than 10 million patients achieve the smiles of their dreams.

Zoom whitening has been clinically proven to whiten your teeth up to eight shades without affecting the natural structure of the tooth. It is safe and effective, and your teeth will be brighter, healthier looking and more beautiful. Zoom is only available through dental health professionals such as our dentist.

Unlike over-the-counter whitening treatments, Zoom is entirely customizable. We consider your specific dental health needs and your whitening goals. The whitening solution will be painted directly onto your teeth where it is activated with the precise light intensity that will help you achieve your desired degree of whiteness. The special light allows the whitening solution to penetrate more deeply and evenly to lift away stains that are deep inside the dentin.

Zoom takes just about an hour, and your teeth will be visibly whiter after just one treatment. You can keep your teeth bright and beautiful by maintaining good dental hygiene, avoiding staining beverages and using Zoom touch-up kits as needed.

If you are ready to unveil a new, whiter, brighter smile, contact our offices today and schedule a whitening consultation with our expert in Zoom whitening in Torrance.

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