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Root canal therapy may be needed when the pulp, or soft tissue, of a tooth becomes infected or damaged. This procedure can save the natural tooth and prevent the need for extraction or other treatments in many cases. Infection, abscess and severe trauma can necessitate root canal therapy. Damage to the pulp can also occur through severe tooth decay. Our specialist for root canal therapy in Torrance can examine your tooth and determine if root canal therapy is necessary to preserve the health and function of your tooth.

Because nerve damage can mimic other dental health conditions, a thorough examination by our Torrance root canal therapy expert is vital for proper diagnosis. Without treatment, the infection could spread and lead to tooth loss. Our specialist for root canal therapy in Torrance begins the treatment with numbing the tooth. The infected tissue will then be cleaned and removed.

The process may take more than one appointment if the infection is severe, and antibiotics may be used to control infection. A temporary filling will then be placed to protect the tooth. Once the infection has been eliminated, the interior of the tooth is cleaned again and shaped, and a filling is placed. Our Torrance root canal therapy expert will then restore the tooth with a dental crown.

Torrance Root Canal Therapy Specialist

Although root canal therapy has gotten a bad reputation over the years, the procedure is somewhat similar to getting a dental filling. However, after the procedure, the tooth may be more brittle, which is why a dental crown is generally recommended to restore the tooth. Treated teeth may also become discolored over time. If this is bothersome, teeth whitening treatments may be able to help. In cases where the infection was severe before treatment, there may be pain or tenderness for several days or weeks after the root canal treatment. This is due to the inflammation and swelling of the tissues rather than the root canal treatment. Our specialist for root canal therapy in Torrance may prescribe anti-inflammatories to reduce pain and antibiotics to control the infection.

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